Cosmetic Mini Fridge

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Tired of storing all your cosmetics that need to stay cool in the fridge alongside leftovers or even worse forgetting to put your favorite facemask back in the fridge and it going bad? Our team at Voolu knows how annoying and frustrating this is, so we developed a product that could solve all these problems and is small enough to plug in (cord included) and set on your desk or anywhere in your room/bathroom. Introducing the first ever Cosmetic Mini Fridge, this fridge was specially designed by our cosmetic team to keep all your cosmetics at the perfect temperature, ensuring they don't go bad or get ruined. It also has lots of storage featuring two shelves in the main compartment and even a pocket on the inside of the door. Our Cosmetic Fridge will ensure your face products stay good forever, saving you money and time. It also makes a perfect gift for any of your cosmetic loving friends. For the first time ever we are offering the fridge to you for over 75% OFF the original price!! But hurry because the sale last TODAY ONLY!!!


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