Our Story

    Our team here at voolu has grown exponentially over the years, but it all started with one idea. A few years ago we had a very hot Fourth of July in our city, everyone was outside wearing swimsuits and tank tops. Even I was out enjoying the sun in my favorite swimsuit that I had spent way too much on. It was actually quite frustrating to me that all these companies charge so much for swimsuits yet people are still buying them. I mean its crazy, these prices are so high I just could never pay and afford what companies asked for the cute swimsuits. Then it came to me, the thought that it didn't have to be this way, people shouldn't have to overpay for the cute clothing they want. This thought became my mission. I knew achieving my goal would be hard but I knew I could do it. After years of failing came my final try. I worked on a company that would not only offer the greatest customer service but offers the cutest products at amazing prices as well. After months of work on this new idea. I proudly present to you Voolu a company where we value customer service and quality over everything. A shop for perfectly designed specially for you.